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Today's complex manufacturing processes can place your robotic equipment in damaging environments.  

A Robosuit® allows you to:

  • Operate in environments that unprotected robots cannot (heat, cold, humidity, corrosive atmospheres)
  • Protect your investment from component failure
  • Extend the operational life of your robot
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Increase automation uptime

We cover the biggest names in the robotics industry such as ABB, Fanuc, Kuka, Motoman, Universal Robots and others.  Whether you've been referred to us by an OEM, are a custom integrator, or end-user, you owe it to yourself to experience why Roboworld is the premier manufacturer of robot covers and automation coverings in the market today.


No matter whether you're in search of a full Robosuit®, a sleeve or simple robot cover or jacket--we've got you covered.  We go beyond just robot covers too--offering gripper protection, end of arm tooling covers and much more.  We tailor our product to meet your requirements, and won't "oversell" you levels of protection that you don't need.


Learn how an investment in a custom built Robosuit® can save money and increase productivity.

New Pattern Releases:


  • ABB IRB 2400L "Long Arm" (Jun 2014)
  • FANUC LRMate 200iD-4S and -7L (Jan 2015)
  • FANUC M2000iA-900, -1200 and -1350 models (Mar 2014)
  • FANUC R1000iA-80/100 (Dec 2014)
  • FANUC R2000iC (Jul 2014)
  • FANUC M20iA-20M (Aug 2014)
  • FANUC M410iC-185 and -315 (Nov 2014)
  • KUKA KR5 ARC (Feb 2014)
  • KUKA KR180 2PA Palletizer (Feb 2014)
  • ​MOTOMAN MPL160 Palletizer  (Apr 2014)
  • MOTOMAN MA3100 (Aug 2014)
  • UNIVERSAL ROBOT UR-5 and UR10 (Jan 2014)


Be sure to check back with us for our most-recent pattern relesases!   

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FANUC M900ib-700 High Heat Robosuit®


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